• England's national symbols (free article)

    Countries all have their symbols or icons used to forge and represent a population as a unit, to inspire patriotism and pride.

    National symbols are commonly used in National Celebration and can be visual, verbal or iconic. There are many national symbols in England that were all inherited from history.

    The Anthem :


    The Flag :

    England's symbolsTo start, the flag of England symbolizes St George’s Cross (in red) and finds its origins back in the 12th century when Saint George was the Patron Saint of the country. Moreover, at the time, Crusaders were identified by their distinctive white tunics with the Red Cross to represent the glorious Saint George, famous for having killed a dragon. It is difficult to tell which element is the consequence of the other but joined, they made the red-crossed flag on a white background become a National symbol and eventually, the country’s flag.

    The Lion :England's symbols    

     The lion is considered as the national animal of England. Symbol of bravery, Lion was the nickn ame of Eng li sh warriors in medieval times under Richard the Lionheart. Today the Lion remains the national animal and is represented on the Royal Arms of England (that symbolizes the English monarchs) or even as emblems for national sports team. The lion sculptures  on Trafalgar Square are witnesses of the  importance of the Lion as a national symbol.  

    The Rose :

    England's symbolsTo understand this symbol you have to go back in 1455: Two families are eager to seize the throne and are ready to destruct anything that would say in their ways. After literally exterminating the entire Plantagenet line that rules England for over 300 years the Yorks and Lancasters started a bloody race to the throne that lasted 30 years. The war took its name from the two roses that respectively symbolized the house York (white rose) and Lancaster (red rose). Additionally, Henty VII from the House Lancaster won and became King Henry VII. He later on married Elizabeth of House York and this is how the blending of the Houses gave birth to the Tudor Rose. Therefore, the Rose symbolizes at the same time the end of the war and the marriage between House York and Lancaster.

     The Tudors then continued using this symbol as their own when they usurped the throne.

    Saint Edward's Crown :England's symbols

    This crown is one of the English Crown Jewels that is officially used for coronation ceremonies. This symbol is also used in various coats of arms or badges.

    The Oak Tree :

    England's symbols


    Symbol of strength, beauty and survival, the Oak tree became a national symbol after King Charles II hid in what is called now the Royal Oak while escaping the parliamentarians after his father’s execution.










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